Notice for these interested in being examined:
Our workplace provides above-standard care with the client’s co-payment. The patient does not pay for the procedures stipulated in the contractual insurance company’s tariff. The Insurance companies with which our healthcare facility has a contractual relationship can be found below.

We provide a urologist’s services to insurees and self-payers.

We prefer payment by card.

Single visit
1.200 CZK

A single visit is understood to be a comprehensive urological examination that includes an anamnesis, i.e. your medical history, an examination in the region of the kidneys and adrenal glands, lower abdomen and external sex organs for men and an ultrasound examination of these areas.

We will also take samples of your urine and blood and have them examined in our laboratory. In urine we look for the presence of blood, sugar and other possible symptoms that something is not right in the urinary system. In blood we monitor the sugar, fat and cholesterol levels, for men over 40 also the concentration of the PSA tumour marker. The doctor will assess and comment on the laboratory results. Test results will be sent to you electronically from our surgery. In the event of need, a doctor or nurse will discuss the results with you.

Single visit – Self-payers
2.000 CZK

Self-payers pay a fee for each single visit totalling 2.000 CZK.

Self-payers also pay for all tests in addition to this fee.

Annual care programme
2.400 CZK

We perform additional specific examinations based on problems that a patient complains about or based on suspicions uncovered by laboratory testing. In the event that your condition requires regular monitoring, we recommend selecting the annual programme, in which you obtain an unlimited number of visits during its validity.

Health insurance companies

Health insurance companies